The roof is the most important structural component of your house. With our long cold winters, it is very important to have your roof checked and maintained annually.

The cost of a roof varies according to different factors such as roof size and slope; the type of materials and warranty; and layers of shingles that may need to be removed in case of re-roof. In addition to these factors, roof components that need to be installed, repaired or replaced such as dormers, metal valleys, skylights, chimneys, roof vents and plumbing stacks are costs that are necessary for roof maintenance and replacement.


Shingle roof replacement is a significant investment. Choosing the right shingles is the first step to a beautiful and strong roof. Price is also linked to the type of roofing material, its features and warranty. Additionally, material and workmanship quality are known to affect the performance as well as the durability of your roofing system. It is important, therefore, to select an experienced and reliable roofing company in Toronto.


As a commercial and residential flat roof replacement contractor in Toronto with decades of experience, we understand that the long-term performance of a roof depends upon meeting the unique needs of every project. From initial inspection, analysis and consultation we provide you with excellent customer experience.

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