Fencing & Railing

Our fences can be used as a privacy fence, a picket fence, split rail fences, and even post and rail fences. Fences for one thing provide the homeowner with privacy, A fence in the front garden can help to accentuate that lovely garden and helps to keep the neighborhood dogs from littering your lawn and garden with their waste material. A fence in the front yard will also bring up the property value of your home. Fences, as mentioned come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. We have fences made of wood, steel and aluminum with various looks to choose from.

Wood fence

We are proud to offer the best quality of wood fence, as you will never worry about twisted wood, splinters, or rusted nails.

Wood fence can turn your yard into a private outdoor oasis. Our materials are bought from reputable manufacturers, so trust us to deliver you fences of the highest quality.

Whether it’s wood fence panels, wood fences, concrete fence, barbed wire fence or chain link fence you require, we can provide it all.

Aluminum Fence

The aluminum fence is adjustable based on the needs and area of your property.

There are different styles and designs to choose from that add beauty to your business property.

We offer a range of customizable aluminum fence for your property that fits your budget and needs.

Here at Tricon Ontario INC. we strive to know not only the size of your property but as well  your requests in order to meet your expectations.

Steel fence

At Tricon Ontario INC we provide beautiful and affordable steel fences in Toronto, and nearby areas. Steel fences are popular among homeowners. With its classic and elegant appearance, it can suit any types of homes.

With our design-build process, you’ll benefit from working with a team that from concept to creation has a single goal in mind – your complete satisfaction.

We also respond to the needs of many customers requiring emergency repair work on gates, trash enclosures and chain link fences.

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